Secrets of the Wire Spoked Wheel

1 Rotate As the wheel rotates the spoke load column chart does “the wave”.
1 a Radar plot with rigid rim 1a_Rotate_Rigid_Rim.avi
1 b Rim of "medium" stiffness 1b_Rotate_Medium_Rim.avi
1 c Radar plot with "soft" rim 1c_Rotate_Soft_Rim.avi
2 Load Down load on the hub increases from 100 pounds to 300 pounds.
Upper spokes increase tension loads … lower spokes decrease tension pre-load.
3 Velocity Spoke loads increase with increasing velocity due to centripetal forces.
All of the spoke loads increase as the velocity increases from 0 to 60 miles per hour.
4 Stiffness Illustrates the changes in spoke loads with varying rim stiffness.
Horizontal spoke loads increase as the rim stiffness decreases.

wheel diagram

Free Body Diagrams

wheel 2 variables
wheel diagram 2

wheel 3 variables
wheel diagram 3